Our story

It started with a question: Why don’t people take their health more seriously?

Tom and John Wicka were fresh off of years of developing loyalty strategies for the world’s biggest consumer brands as executives at IWCO Direct, and were eager to bring their knowledge to the health care industry. Their brother Jim Wicka jumped on board, bringing expertise on the compliance and legal landscapes as an attorney. Together, they started NovuHealth in 2011 to encourage people to bring the same level of attention and care to their health that they bring to other parts of their lives.

NovuHealth was determined to design and deliver health tools to consumers through their insurance company, believing this the most powerful way to affect industry-wide change while driving better health engagement and plan performance. Since 2011, the team has grown to include experts in health and behavioral science, data science, consumer marketing and technology.

Today, NovuHealth is an industry-leading health care partner working with influential plans throughout the country to revolutionize member engagement in a new era of care.

We are creative thinkers and innovators.

Meet NovuHealth’s Leadership team.