Zoom out.
Rewards are no longer enough.

Zoom out.
Rewards are no longer enough.

A holistic approach to Plan PErformance

Just like your plan’s needs are multi-layered (quality ratings, risk adjustment and member engagement), our program solutions address the whole picture with an end-to-end approach. We combine behavioral analytics, data sciences, personalized communications and intelligent rewards and incentives to influence high-value member behavior among the most hard-to-reach members.

Business Objectives

The sweet spot in program design is defining opportunity: how can your plan improve performance within the boundaries of regulatory and compliance requirements? We design programs tailored to your plan’s unique attributes, and pinpoint the member populations that will most impact your bottom line.

Analyze & Segment

What combination of communication and incentives will inspire a member to act? We use third-party data to identify gaps, stratify risk and find the members with the greatest propensity to take action—and then target them with a personalized experience. Predictive analytics allow us to determine the incentive value required for a high-value behavior to happen.

Health & Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral insights and the latest in health research are baked right into our program strategies. From the types of incentives we recommend for your specific member population to the frequency of the communications plan we build for and with you, data and behavioral science best practices lead the way.

Platform Engagement

We take all that we’ve learned about your member population and deliver an omni-channel program wrapped in retail-level amenities for members, like an award-winning user experience and high-touch services. Your members will be armed with the information they need to earn health rewards for completing high-value behaviors, turning your members into invested consumers.

Measure & Learn

Our system is designed to learn from each and every member interaction and to make modifications based on outcomes. We deliver performance analytics on your member population so we can help you improve interaction after interaction, year after year, and one member at a time.


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