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Our solutions are targeted to four critical areas of your plan’s performance.

NovuHealth PerformanceTM

NovuHealth Performance™ offers your plan two solutions that can stand alone or be combined. Improve your HEDIS and Star ratings with our Quality Solution, and appropriately capture additional risk revenue through the targeted HCC identification strategy of our Risk Adjustment Solution.

NovuHealth SatisfactionTM

A member-centric, lifecycle solution, NovuHealth Satisfaction™ delivers a simple, empowering consumer experience to your members. The result? You’ll see improved NPS, HOS and CAHPS scores, higher retention rates and a better relationship with members.

NovuHealth AttractionTM

NovuHealth Attraction™ is your key to attracting and acquiring new members. Increasing brand value and generating strong word of mouth, this solution positions your plan as the first choice in the marketplace.

NovuHealth UtilizationTM

The hyper-targeted consumer marketing techniques behind NovuHealth Utilization™ drive members to engage with your most effective health services, leading to reduced medical costs and better risk management.

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