We Deliver Health Affinity

Health plans are facing a new landscape. Engagement is the path toward developing affinity among members—improving member health and driving performance in the areas of quality, risk adjustment and satisfaction.

Why invest in consumer engagement?

Our solutions impact the four key areas that most impact plan performance.


CMS rewards plans that effectively engage the consumer to deliver high-quality care. Targeted engagement strategies impact quality scores like HEDIS and Medicare Star ratings, in addition to appropriately optimizing risk adjustment.


Engagement is the single biggest lever you can pull to build better relationships with members. When you enhance the member experience, you’ll achieve a meaningful lift in member retention as well as higher NPS, CAHPS and HOS scores.


A rewarding, personalized and easy-to-use experience translates to engaged members, better performance and positive word of mouth. All of which makes it easier to acquire new members and build brand value.


Successful member engagement is good for the consumer, the plan and society as a whole. An engaged member is a lower cost member, generating, on average, 50% lower medical costs.

Our performance, by the numbers


positive impact to Star rating


reduction in churn


reduction in acquisition costs


reduction in medical expenditures


increase in NPS


increase in high-value activities

We’re driven by consumer marketing best practices, uniquely tailored to health care realities.

Meaningful rewards & engagement programs that improve health and drive plan performance.