Improving health while creating value

NovuHealth designs personalized member engagement programs for better health—and better plan performance.

Health care is facing a new economic reality. And it’s driven by the consumer.

Our mission is to improve health while creating value for all stakeholders. That’s why we put health plan consumers at the center of our solutions.

Why NovuHealth?

We understand how to motivate and connect with your members.

Using behavioral health science, performance analytics and comprehensive technology solutions, we empower health plan members to actively engage with their health.

Our Approach

Health care is not one-size-fits-all. And neither is health engagement. We activate members to complete high-value activities—like preventive care—through a personalized consumer engagement platform, leading to healthier outcomes and improved plan performance.

Our Solutions

We work with government-sponsored and progressive commercial health plans to identify risk, deliver health care quality improvement and improve member satisfaction. Together, let’s engage your consumers in their health—creating true value for all.


What makes health care member engagement effective? Go in-depth with the research, see our programs in action and discover how NovuHealth can help improve your health plan’s performance.