Intelligent Consumer Engagement:

Improving Member Health, Driving

Plan Performance.

Health care is facing a new economic reality.  

And it’s driven by the consumer.

Value-based performance is about more than cost containment. It’s about growing revenue by engaging the consumer. That’s why, at NovuHealth, we put health plan consumers at the center of our solutions.

Why NovuHealth?

We bring the best of consumer marketing to health care.

Through a combination of health care performance analytics, behavior science and our comprehensive technology solutions, we deliver engaged members to our health plan partners.

Our Approach

By segmenting your population and engaging them to complete high-value activities, we drive plan performance.

Our robust omni-channel technology powers intelligent engagement programs that target the right member with the right incentive—for the right results.

Our Solutions

We work with government-sponsored and progressive commercial health plans focused on value-based performance to deliver quality and member satisfaction.

Together, let’s revolutionize consumer engagement in this new era of care.


Engagement is our DNA.

Go in-depth with the research, see our programs in action, learn the basics of health care affinity and put the pieces together.